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We Need You!

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill a range of roles, particularly including HR and Safeguarding.

Our new shop also requires sales assistants and helpers during the opening hours, which are currently curtailed due to a need for more staff.


If you feel that you have the skills to help us out, and are able to spare some time, please send us a message through our contact page, or via email at 

The on site volunteer day at the station site is currently every Thursday 
(and occasional Saturdays, please check our social media pages for more information).

8am-4pm depending on weather, daylight and tea availability!

This organisation relies on volunteers of all ages, some help regularly, others occasionally. There is a welcome for all of you.

The TARKA VALLEY RAILWAY (TVR) is always on the look out for more helping hands - be it site working, administration or Trustees.

If you feel you can help in a specific area, we would love to hear from you, and if you just wish to enjoy the company and banter of a day outside getting slightly messy, drinking copious tea and being engaged in helpful work, please get in touch!

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If you (or someone you know who could get involved) have experience or skills in the fields of fundraising, computer aided design, groundworks, planning, construction, etc. and would like to play a more active part in the running of the railway, do please get in touch for an initial chat. You do not have to be local to get involved - no commitment at this stage! Please come and volunteer - it’s a great project and great fun!

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