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Frequently asked questions 

Frequently asked Questions:



Q1.             What are the TVR's future aims and objectives.


A1.             Our main aim for the future is to return the lost rail link from Torrington to Bideford once more! 


Q2.             What timescale are you looking at to achieve your goals.


A2.             The sooner the better. The more members or volunteer's that join us, the quicker the TVR  can move                      forward to achieve our goals.


Q3.             Can anyone join you and what could I do to help.


A3.             Yes anyone can join, whatever skills you may have acquired. You may be either young or old,                                everyone is welcome as a volunteer. 


Q4.             What days of the week do the volunteers work.


A4.             At present the active volunteers meet on Thursdays from 8.00am to 4.00pm. 

                  As soon as our shop is refurbished we plan to be on site Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays too. 



Q5.             How much does it cost to become a TVR member / ( Volunteer.) (Required for Insurance Purposes.)


A5.             Annual Subscription is £9  - £12.50 per person for membership depending on concessions.


Q6.             What events have you planned for the next 6 months.


A6.             Log on to our Website or our Facebook page and go to the events page for the latest information


Q7.             Do I need any specific skills or special clothing.


A7.             Not particularly, though being fit and able enables more useful working onsite, and if you have any                         appropriate skills it would obviously be very helpful. Appropriate clothing and footwear is required to                       work onsite – if you are on the retail side, this is not needed. Training and guidance as to health and                       safety, rules and regs are outlined from the beginning.


Q8.             How many volunteers help on the TVR. 


A8.             We have about 170 TVR members and 25 active volunteers

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