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Conditions of Carriage

​We only sell a day rover ticket which is valid for all trains running on that day. By purchasing a ticket to ride on our railway you agree to abide with the following conditions:

  1. In these conditions “the company” means the Tarka Valley Railway CIO and includes its agents and staff.

  2. Tickets sold on our railway are only available through our on-site shop and valid on day of issue only, these tickets are NON TRANSFERABLE.

  3. Tickets are valid only for travel on the date shown thereon.

  4. Any ticket which has been so torn or mutilated that any material information is defaced will not be valid and the holder of such a ticket will be required to purchase another ticket for further travel with us.

  5. All tickets must be produced on request by the company’s staff or agents and, if required, be surrendered at the completion of the journey. Any passenger failing to produce a ticket will be liable to pay again the fare for the journey completed.

  6. Passengers must examine their tickets at time of purchase. The company will not be responsible for any mistakes unless attention is drawn to them immediately.

  7. The company does not undertake to make any return or refund in respect of lost, mislaid, or unused tickets or fares paid because of a passenger’s failure to produce or surrender a ticket.

  8. The company will not be liable for any loss, damage or delay arising from: a) any cancellation or delay to our trains; b) the fact that there is not sufficient accommodation on any particular train; c) the failure of the company for any cause to reserve accommodation which it may have been requested to reserve; d) the carriage in any vehicle of more passengers than the number for which it was constructed; e) the early or late departure of any service or any deviation from the timetable or cancellation of any service.

  9. By selling you a ticket we undertake to give you at least one ride on our line but you can use the ticket to ride as many times as the train runs throughout the day (the company will not be liable for any failure to obtain multiple rides or a ride due to cancellation of service for any reason, however a refund may be given in extenuating circumstances at managements discretion, provided this is applied for on the day via our shop staff).

  10. All members of our staff are volunteers and will endeavour to assist you where possible/requested. NO ABUSE of our staff members will be tolerated, and any such abuse will result in your ticket to ride being revoked and you will be requested to surrender this and leave the premises. Failure to comply with this request may result in the Police being called.

  11. Train running times will be displayed on the day and may be subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

  12. The company shall not be liable in any case of loss of, delay to or detention of any article or articles left in or on the company’s vehicles, trains, or premises whether with permission of any servant or agent of the company or not.

  13. Any articles found in or on the company’s vehicles, trains or premises by any person shall be deemed to be in the possession of the company and must be immediately handed in to the custody of a member of the company’s staff.

  14. The company shall not be liable to the owner of any article lost, mislaid, or left in or on its vehicle, trains or premises for any loss, damage, deviation, mis delivery, delay, or detention to said article, however caused. All such articles, if not claimed by their true owners within three months, may be disposed of, and if sold the proceeds may be retained by the company.

  15. The company reserves the right to refuse to carry any luggage or merchandise etc.

  16. Accompanied dogs may be conveyed at staff discretion provided that other passengers are not inconvenienced. Guide dogs accompanying blind persons, and trained assistance dogs in general, may travel in passenger compartments.

  17. The company reserves the right to refuse entry to any train, carriage, or part of its premises and to carry any person on its trains, whether or not that person holds a valid ticket, without giving a reason.

  18. Passengers are at all times subject to the directions of the company’s staff, including directions made for the benefit of health and safety.

  19. Passengers shall not board or leave any train except when it is stationary at a station (having checked first that the carriage door being used is adjacent to the platform).

  20. Passengers shall not open a door when the train is in motion.

  21. The company shall be under no liability for loss or damage to any motor vehicle (including bicycles, caravans, and motorcycles) on or about the company’s premises, nor to any personal property in or about such motor vehicle, however caused.


These terms are subject to change at any time

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