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British Railways (S)

S3924 is a MK1 TSO (Tourist Second Open) that was built by British Railways Southern Region at Eastleigh Works between 1954 and 1955. It regularly worked between London Waterloo and the Westcountry and would have likely visited Torrington on many occasions before the line closed. This coach continued in use on the National Network until 1990, being converted for departmental use towards the end of its operating life when it carried the number DB977626, this resulted in one half of the seating being removed. 

S3924 was initially preserved at the Coventry Railway Centre where it was used as a static staff mess room. On the 29th of March 2006 it was moved to Torrington where it would eventually become our shop and visitor centre. In June 2022 S3924 was moved out of our platform area and into the siding for restoration work to begin, it is intended that this will be converted into a static museum in the near future.

Status: Under Overhaul


S3924 at Torrington - Prior to 2008

BR MK1 TSO.jpg

S3924 at Torrington - March 2023

S3924 Interior.jpg

S3924 Interior - September 2023

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