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Passenger Services Return to Torrington Station!

5 August 2023

Passenger Services Return to Torrington Station!

Left to Right: Driver Brad Lambert, Former Driver Fred Cole, Guard Adam Morrice, Former Guard Graham Braund

Saturday the 5th of August saw the return of passenger operations to Torrington station for the first time in more than 40 years!

We were delighted to host Fred Cole and Graham Braund who were the driver and guard respectively on the Last Train to Torrington on the 6th of November 1982. Graham assisted our guard with the dispatching of the first train and Fred rode up front with the driver in the cab, many fond memories were bought back for the both of them and much time was spent reminiscing about old times.

A very successful day was had with many visitors taking a trip down memory lane or creating new experiences for the younger generations to enjoy! Both locals and tourists alike turned out in large numbers despite the Devon drizzle which was rather similar to the weather on that last day back in 1982!

Passenger Services Return to Torrington Station!
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